Do you want to meet AgroCheck in Colombia in May?

From: May 11, 2020


AgroCheck will be visiting Bogotá and Rionegro again in the week of May 27th to meet clients, potential clients and give a presentation for Asocolflores affiliates. Since our visit from last year, the number of South American clients has rapidly increased. A lot of flower farms, exporters and cargo agencies became a member of AgroCheck and are using our debt collection services. Of course this is good news, but we are also surprised about the problems some companies have with non-paying clients.

Because of this success and the number of requests to visit Colombia, we decided to plan our next visit in the last week of May 2019. We already planned a lot of meetings, but still have some time left to (hopefully) meet you as well!

For Asocolflores affiliates, we will prepare another presentation about the services of AgroCheck and how we can help you to keep doing business with trustful companies and recognize doubtful debtors. Besides this we will prepare a ‘tour’ through the AgroCheck database and explain you why it is so important to do a background research for each new client. Furthermore we will inform you how to respond to non-paying clients and how AgroCheck Collections can help you to collect outstanding debts.

Please feel free to contact us to inform about the possibilities for a meeting, of course without engagement.

No time to meet us in May or are you located in Ecuador? Come visit us during the Proflora 2019 in Bogotá from October 2nd till October 4th, booth 202.

We are looking forward to meet you!