Watch out for Italian fraud!

From: May 11, 2020


We have noticed that an Italian company, with the name of an exotic flower, is making many inquiries in Colombia and Ecuador for the supply of fresh flowers to Italy. Be very careful, as we suspect that these people have bad intentions. They made a lot of debts in Holland in the past months. Soon it will be All Saints Day (1st November) and that is a well known flower day in South- and Eastern Europe. Every year flower exporters from Holland and South American farms are the victim of this 1st November fraud. We know several families in Italy, mostly from the South, but also one from Turin in the North, who are very effective in acquiring big volumes of flowers and plants, but eventually will never pay them. Some of them we known already for over a decade. They always use frontrunners and fake companies (they simply take good company names from the register) and you may think you do business with a reliable company, but that isn’t true.

Our advice: only take new customers in this period on prepaid basis! And if you have doubts: Ask us, we can provide you with a lot of information, know a lot of doubtful debtors and can help you to prevent damage for only a fraction of the costs. Part of our team is available at the ProFlora this week, booth #202, don’t hesitate to visit them.

You have just been warned. Don’t let this happen to you! We noticed that more and more companies in South America are becoming victims of doubtful debtors. An AgroCheck membership can help you to avoid these scammers, luckily a lot of you already know that. An AgroCheck membership is available from $450 per year! We only have to warn you once in a few years and you will easily gain profit from your membership. If you would like to have more information, feel free to contact us.