USA fraudster is looking for new suppliers

From: June 03, 2021

A flower importer from Los Angeles uses different names to buy flowers from farms in Ecuador and Colombia. In 2020 this company left several farms with unpaid invoices for amounts between $500 and $10.000. And he is looking for new suppliers again…

It’s a privately owned company and seems to be a single man business, but the damage he creates is big, because of the number of farms he refuses to pay. He represents himself as a large florist, and indeed he used to have a flowershop in the past. It seems like the flower shop is closed and he is just importing flowers at the moment. He is located near the Los Angeles Flower Market and is switching company names over and over again. Currently we know 6 different trading names and 4 addresses.

This fraudster is constantly searching for new suppliers in South America. He contacts farms by email and asks for available products. In some cases he never even paid the first invoice and in other cases he just made partial payments. When he thinks that he cannot make the damage any bigger, he stops answering phone calls and emails and just disappears. As this company is a privately owned company with an owner who seems to be untraceable, it makes it almost impossible to collect the debts. Be careful and don’t do business with this company!

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