The Italians are back in the picture

From: February 16, 2023

Unfortunately, another group of well-known fraudsters from Turin has come back into the picture. We could wait for it, although this group was also out of the picture during the Covid period.

The method is still the same: it starts with a number of smaller orders that are paid on time. The companies all have a history, although that is often not even in the flower and plant trade. The field of operations has expanded considerably to include Ecuador and Colombia.
We are already aware of major damage from All Saints' Day (November 1), but we would also like to warn you about the approaching Women's Day (March 8). These people are absolutely merciless and have been doing this for many years. Their business model is unfortunately quite solid, although we have been able to stop shipments on time several times.

Please do your homework before you start working with new customers and request credit information. That does not give a 100% guarantee, but it is a lot better than just giving large credit lines. You have been warned…

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