Spanish invasion continues…

From: May 11, 2020


It seems like a never ending story, scammers from northern Spain (around Palencia and Pontevedra) who have been known with negative history since 2009, made a lot of debts in South America again.

During the IFTF exhibition in November 2018 (Holland), the Spanish scammers were contacting suppliers with their new company name. For two of our clients, we immediately did some background research to the Spanish debtor during the exhibition and easily linked this company to the group of Spanish scammers. As from this moment, the debtor was added to our Warning list. Of course our clients didn’t do business, but last week we received information that other farms did supply them! And again the debtor left a lot of unpaid bills to at least three companies.

The company mainly works from Pontevedra and Maia (Portugal). Phone numbers and company names are continuously changed and after a while messages will remain unanswered. In some cases they even used logos of famous flower farms from Colombia and Ecuador on their website as references, although most of these farms didn’t even do business with them!

Also Dutch exporters are still being approached and therefore need to be careful. The last few years we know these scammers under six different company names and it doesn’t stop.

We can’t stop saying it: thorough debtors research is really a necessary in the floriculture industry. At least, if you do not want to be scammed. Our database contains over 2.200 registered doubtful debtors, scammers, frauds and companies with big financial problems. We only have to warn you once and you will gain profit from your membership for years.