Preparations for November 1 seem to have started!

From: May 11, 2020


The annually phenomenon seems to start earlier than usual this year. It seems that an Italian debtor has started preparations for November 1st: All Saints Day. Since last Friday, AgroCheck has received 8 credit report requests about the same Italian debtor, which is not entirely unknown to us.

Every year the time has come again, mainly Italian crooks who try to build confidence with orders that are initially paid quickly, but suddenly have a few large orders executed at the end of October that are never paid. And yes, you probably already know this story, but you do not always notice whether they are crooks or buyers with good intentions. AgroCheck often sees this quickly and therefore tries to warn you immediately. Nobody will benefit from being scammed, you will all benefit from eliminating these doubtful parties directly from the market and that is our common goal.

The company was founded two years ago (although they mention that they are in the business for years), annual figures have not yet been deposited, there is no website and a Gmail address is used. The first application was made by a Dutch exporter in April of this year, but business was never started. Last month we received information from a Colombian supplier about unpaid bills with this buyer. The 8 new credit report requests from Dutch exporters now follow. So they are clearly looking for new suppliers and this has the appearance of negative intentions.

Be careful and don't fall for it! Every year we hear from at least 5 - 8 traders who are left with an average damage loss of € 50,000. You have just been warned.

We noticed that more and more companies in South America are becoming victims of doubtful debtors. It is better to spend a small amount of money for proper research to your client, than have a lot of damage afterwards. We only have to warn you once in a few years and you will easily gain profit from your membership. Besides that, AgroCheck Collections can help you to collect the debts of your client. 
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