News from Croatia

From: April 21, 2022

A notorious defaulter from Zagreb, who has been known to us since 2009, has been spotted again. Some exporters and farms have already been approached by this doubtful trader. We know for hundreds of thousands of unresolved damages through at least five different entities. After two years of silence, this defaulter suddenly reappears under a different name.

Several AgroCheck members have been approached since last two weeks to do business. An investigation shows that the new entity has neatly deposited positive annual figures. Not too exciting, but just enough to issue a credit limit after a number of positive payment experiences. The website also looks great and social media accounts are updated weekly.

Information suppliers and credit insurance companies will probably give a positive credit advice for this company, which is simply because the negative history of the owner is not linked to this new entity.

Via AgroCheck you only have to search for the name of the owner in our database and it immediately becomes clear that this person is connected to at least five other companies that have left large unpaid debts to several exporters and farms. Or even easier: you request a credit report via and within 24 hours you will receive a complete overview of the company, with history, possible links to other companies and credit advice. With regard to this debtor from Croatia, you immediately know that it is bad business and that you should not do business with this company.

AgroCheck members who would like to know which debtor this concerns can contact us. We advise non-members to consider an AgroCheck membership. You can avoid a lot of misery from just €450 per year.