New tactics of Romanian scammers

From: August 26, 2020

We wrote about it before (read the previous article here), but that doesn't seem to be enough to warn everyone. The first damages are known already...

In the last two months we have received more and more credit report requests from Romania. During the research, we seem to be dealing with old and healthy flower shops and wholesalers and people who are in good faith. Nothing could be further from the truth, because there are scammers behind it! These crooks cheerfully use various existing companies, often hundreds of kilometers away from each other. However, the flowers just go to the market in Bucharest.

Since 2017, these people mainly cause damage in Colombia, Ecuador and Holland. Every time these scammers succeed in making new victims, and they for sure will succeed again. We know exactly how they work and we can often easily conclude that they are the same people, even if they use yet another entity. Credit insurers, other information agencies and salespersons will, unfortunately, in many cases not notice this.

Our advice: consult the AgroCheck database and request for an up-to-date credit report for each new client, especially in the risk areas. From only $450 per year you can save yourself a lot of misery!

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