Italian scammers spotted again

From: September 24, 2021

It's that time again, well-known Italian scammers from Turin have been spotted again. Everything indicates that they are fully preparing to make their move for November 1st: All Saints' Day. They have been out of the picture for a while, but they are now actively approaching flower exporters and farms again.

The scammers are using a new company name, a new address and different contact details than before, but they are still the same people. In fact, they use the same Facebook and Google accounts as their previous company and have only changed the company name. The old company name, which has been on the AgroCheck Warning List since 2017, still pops up everywhere because old photos are used. It is clear that these people want to present themselves as a large and reliable customer. In the past month, for example, many positive reviews have suddenly become visible on Google and photos are posted daily on social media accounts.

The working method is already familiar to everyone: they start buying small shipments on prepaid conditions, although in many cases a small credit is built up right from the beginning. At the end of October, larger orders suddenly follow and the credit increases rapidly. For the last big shipment, you will hear that payment is on its way and will arrive a few days after November 1, or only a partial payment will be made. After the last shipment all contact is lost and the scammers disappeared. We want to prevent you from becoming a victim…

You have been warned… AgroCheck members who would like to know the name of this debtor, can contact us. We advise non-members to consider an AgroCheck membership. From only $450 per year you get full access to our database (35,000+ companies) and Warning list (2,700+ companies).