Is your revenue for Valentine’s and Women’s Day already paid?

From: May 11, 2020


Two important holidays are over. A period where many sales have taken place and therefore the credit limits might have exceeded. The weeks after the holidays are therefore just as important, because revenue is only revenue when payments are made. Damage can destroy an apparently successful period at once.

And unfortunately also this year the first victims of the flower holidays have already reported. Customers who no longer pick up the phone or keep the supplier on the line with empty promises. Every holiday the same story and it seems unavoidable. But is that really true? Credit insurers, accountancy firms and AgroCheck regularly warn you. We all do this for a reason and have a common goal: to protect you from doubtful debtors and to warn you about potential risks.

Occasionally taking risks is necessary in this industry. The margins are small and competition is fierce. And this is precisely where doubtful debtors respond. Because they all know: "I do get that extra credit from the neighbor." How can that be prevented? Doing research is a must. Approach a credit insurer to limit the risks, consult AgroCheck or another information provider for credit information (with knowledge of the industry!), consult a warning list and ask for references. Do your homework, that costs much less than the possible damage.

Keep an eye on the payment term and do not wait too long to take action. The longer you wait to hand over a claim for collection, the smaller the chance there is for successful collection. We recommend following: If a claim has exceeded the payment period for more than 60 days, it is advisable to call a debt collection agency.

You have been warned, please contact us for more information. Thorough debtors research is really a necessary in the floriculture industry. At least, if you do not want to be scammed. Our database contains over 2.300 registered doubtful debtors, scammers, frauds and companies with big financial problems. We only have to warn you once and you will gain profit from your membership for years.