International Debt Collection: more important than ever before

From: August 04, 2020

Almost every company has to deal with non-paying clients. This is frustrating and time consuming, definitely since you have a lot of other things to worry about at this moment. Many companies use the Covid-19 situation as an excuse not to pay, even when the debts are more than a year old! Even if Covid-19 affected the business, something needs to happen and a payment agreement needs to be made. Not paying at all is unacceptable.

Sometimes it is better not to be involved yourself anymore and to hire a specialized International Debt Collection agency. They will take over the contact with the debtor and try to collect the debts on your behalf. Hiring a third party will be much more effective than trying it yourself. Many suppliers only thread their customers who are having payment delays but they don’t act. If you don’t act, your debtor will stop taking your warnings seriously.

Don’t wait too long with hiring a Debt Collection agency, as the older the claim, the less chance there is to collect the debts! Besides that, don’t forget about the limitation period of an invoice: you cannot collect an outstanding invoice forever as there is an expiration date.

AgroCheck Collections is the only specialized International Debt Collection agency for the flower industry, worldwide. On behalf of our customers, we collect in almost any country in the world. We have more than 19 years’ experience in this field and we are better than anyone aware of the process in the flower industry. We do business with more than 200 reputable flower farms, wholesalers, exporters and cargo agencies for years. Our main customers are located in Colombia, Ecuador, Holland and Africa.

We work on a No Cure = No Pay base. Only when we collect money for our clients, we charge a pre-agreed commission fee. We do charge a fixed amount for administrative costs.

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