IFTF: Crooks signaled!

From: May 12, 2020


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that yesterday we have spotted a group of well-known Romanian scammers at the IFTF fair in Vijfhuizen. These people have no restrictions when it comes to looking for new victims and an exhibition with hundreds of international providers is a great opportunity. We have also found dubious acquaintances in Bogotá, during the Proflora, and borders and distance are no barrier for these people! Be careful when hiring new customers without first doing your homework and finding out who you really think you are going to do business with. We can help you, our database is extensive and we know a lot of these people personally. We are also present at the IFTF and feel free to visit us at booth A1.30 with your questions.

You have just been warned. Don’t let this happen to you! We noticed that more and more companies in South America are becoming victims of doubtful debtors. An AgroCheck membership can help you to avoid these scammers, luckily a lot of you already know that. An AgroCheck membership is available from $450 per year! We only have to warn you once in a few years and you will easily gain profit from your membership. If you would like to have more information, feel free to contact us.