If it is no longer possible in Romania, let's try a registration in the Netherlands

From: April 25, 2023

A Romanian flower importer that has been known to us for many years has now had so many problems in the Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia that many people now know him. His solution? Just set up a company in the Netherlands and pretend that everything is different.

We already know this person with different company names in Bucharest. Those companies are all in the name of family members, but are simply managed by him. In itself it all looks professional, neatly arranged company (we have been there several times), website, social media, in short, everything in order. But the practice is different. We know many suppliers in various countries who have been left with large unpaid bills. Several lawsuits have already been filed, but none of them help. Accountability is simply shifted through doubtful constructions or the entity is simply dissolved. Money cannot be recovered.

For some time now, he is working with a Dutch entity, coincidentally he is the actual owner of the company this time. We are aware of two addresses, one at an address next to Schiphol Airport and one at an office in North Holland. But all flowers go directly to Romania. We recently came into contact with another creditor again, unfortunately too late. We cannot protect this supplier from damage anymore, but we can prevent you. As now you have been warned, this will not happen to you, right?!

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