Flower importer in Macedonia defrauds suppliers

From: July 10, 2023

There we go again. A flower and plant importer from Macedonia, who has been known to us since 2015, left two suppliers with unpaid bills. We know that the importer is currently doing business with other suppliers again. Are you making sure you're not the next victim?

The importer in Skopje, Macedonia, has been active for many years and there were hardly any known problems until 2019. Since then, his working method seems to have completely changed and he regularly causes new damage to his suppliers. Business is doing well for a while, but as soon as no additional credit is given by the flower exporter or grower, the end is in sight. Many promises are made but not kept. The importer suddenly has some difficulty paying or is busy at work and promises to call back later. That goes on for a while, until he gets tired of the reminders from the suppliers and starts to react quite aggressively. Eventually, in many cases, he stops responding and moves on to his next victim.

Be warned and do not do business with the relevant importer, because this can eventually lead to a considerable amount of damage! AgroCheck members who would like to know which debtors this concerns can contact us. We advise non-members to consider an AgroCheck membership. From only € 450,- per year you can prevent a lot of trouble.