Don’t let your great sales end up in a financial misery

From: May 12, 2020


We are in full season at the moment, Valentine's Day is near and Women's Day is in sight. The reason for a number of well-known nonpaying debtors to make preparations again and to leave suppliers and cargo agencies with a lot of debts. It seems to be busier than ever: we currently see active scammers from Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Serbia and Russia.

An Italian customer between Milan and Turin has been causing considerable damage to exporters from Ecuador and Holland for almost a year. Damage: more than $400.000! They are still active and they will definitely leave the current suppliers with debts again in two weeks. And let's not forget our other ‘friends’ from Turin: They have been causing major damage during these days for at least 15 years.

Two old acquaintances, located in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy around Como, are always visible around the flower holidays. Every year the same people, both Italians, present themselves as a reliable Swiss customer, but are constantly changing names and have already caused many problems. The last credit report was requested just two weeks ago!

A wholesaler on the outskirts of Bucharest has been causing damage in the Netherlands, South America and Kenya since 2017. The owner has a particularly bad reputation and is connected to many bankruptcies and fraud cases (also in other branches). We advise not to do business with this company.

Since 2017, structural scammers who trade from Belgrade and Nis have left large unpaid bills with Colombian and Dutch suppliers. They trade under two names and never stop. In 2019 we found a link with a well-known scammer who appears to be the person behind this scam. This person has left a trail of misery since 2008. They are currently importing flowers!

In recent months, at least three Colombian farms have been the victims of an importer in Moscow, total damage: $80.000. The people behind this organization are also connected to a major fraud case in Ecuador in 2018, debt: around $700.000! We expect that many more problems will arise in the coming weeks.

Are you already an AgroCheck member? Feel free to contact us for more information. Members can request the names of these doubtful debtors, so that they do not become the next victim. That’s the benefit of the membership. Not a member yet? Just consider: a membership starting at just $450 a year can save you a lot of misery!