Well-known fraudster from the USA is making preparations

From: May 29, 2020

Although the export to USA is still far from the old level, this old acquaintance is already making the necessary preparations. Several flower farms and exporters have been approached by a debtor from New York in the past two weeks. It starts as usual with a very short email that the person is looking for a supplier and has chosen you as his 'preferred supplier'.

It concerns a company that starts with relatively small shipments. He only pays the bills a few times, but as soon as there is an amount of several thousand dollars outstanding, he already stops paying so fortunately the damage is limited in most cases. Every year this man is in the picture again and each time it ends with misery. At the moment there is still a lawsuit going on for a Dutch exporter and a collection procedure for another, also Dutch exporter. In addition, there are also several problems known in South America!
He does not seem to care much about the lawsuit and collection procedure, and research has shown that there are no valuable assets.

This debtor is known under two company names in our database. He will undoubtedly manage to find a new supplier again, but of course this will not be your company, because you have been warned.

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