AgroCheck expands its business to Kenya

From: March 22, 2021

After successfully launching AgroCheck in Colombia and Ecuador in the past years, it's now time to help flower farms and cargo agencies in Kenya and protect them against non-paying clients as well.

AgroCheck is based in Holland and has 19 years' of experience in the field of credit information and international debt collection for the flower industry. The online database contains more than 35,000 companies in the industry, including 2,700 doubtful debtors registered on the ‘Warning list’ (scammers, non-paying debtors and companies with financial problems and payment arrears).

Many well-known Dutch flower wholesalers and export companies use our services day by day. Since 2018 we expanded to Colombia and Ecuador. With success, in a short period of only 2,5 years we convinced 100+ flower farms, exporters and cargo agencies to do business with AgroCheck. Small, medium or large farms, any company can gain profit from our database and debt collection services.

“The rates we charge are quite low compared to the service we provide. For only €295 in the first year, our clients get full access to a complete database and Warning list, completely focused on the flower industry”, says Mark Weitjens, director of AgroCheck. “It’s simple: we only have to warn you once in every few years and it saves you (tens of) thousands of Euros! Would you save the small investment of €295, knowing that our database contains 2,700+ doubtful debtors in the industry, but still do business with (new) unknown clients and providing them with credit limits? Every flower farm or exporter has lost money to non-paying clients, most of them still lose money even every year. We are here to prevent them to do business with these doubtful debtors.”

If you are interested in an AgroCheck membership, you can subscribe online or contact us for a demo.
As an introduction we offer companies in Kenya 25% discount on an AgroCheck membership for the first year!