AgroCheck and Freshportal have started an exclusive partnership

From: May 11, 2020


Non-paying customers undermine the growth of floriculture companies.

“Various of our clients have seen growth stagnate because of non-paying customers,” AgroCheck director Mark Weitjens says. “The last few years we have seen an increase in dubious debtors from South America. Some companies traded with Dutch flower exporters and left with great debt before starting over again under a different name. These companies have been known to us for years. We know the negative and positive history of thousands of debtors, allowing us to help clients make good and safe business decisions. By collaborating with FreshPortal we can offer this information to many more companies. It also ties in well with our activities in South America and it gives us the opportunity to meet companies on other continents, such as Africa.”

Both AgroCheck and FreshPortal specialize in the international floriculture sector. AgroCheck provides credit information and international debt collection services to floriculture companies. FreshPortal offers ERP software to floriculture companies worldwide.

“Floriculture companies increasingly look toward international markets to grow. We’ve seen that happen with our relations in South America and Africa, and now in Eastern and Southern Europe as well,” FreshPortal managing director Robin Jongkind says. “Our customers take a big, and usually sudden, step forward in automation with FreshPortal software, which opens up those possibilities. Through connections with all possible platforms and buyers, they will be able to sell their flowers and plants anywhere in the world.” What is the problem? “Globalization provides big opportunities, that much is clear, but it also adds risks when it comes to getting paid. Who is this customer on the other side of the world? What are their customs and payment habits? Having current and reliable credit information on a trading partner is crucial. It makes transactions safer and avoids risk and operating loss. The collaboration with AgroCheck is therefore a logical and relevant addition to our software services that stimulates growth and improves trade security. We are jointly exhibiting at the Proflora trade show in Bogotá, Colombia from October the 2nd until the 4th at stand 202.”